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Great Morning.
Beautiful day out, everyone got some sleep. Can’t beat it.
Went for a nice long walk with the girls, came back for a snack and then hit the back yard for swings and the sand box.
It’s finally spring and feels like it, good moods all around, fresh air is THE BEST!
So what happened during nap time?
Some kind of shift?
Maybe it was the crazy wind.
I brought a couple of flowers I hadn’t planted yet inside so they wouldn’t get destroyed. LOVE the smell of a hyacinth, my favorite! But, I also brought in a massive bumblebee. Oops, I know they’re harmless outside, but didn’t want this guy buzzing around the house. I successfully shooed him outside, great.
I was about to rake the yard when Addison woke up from her nap after 45 minutes. Super, considering she needs a good 2 hours to get back to neutral. Now, I’ll have a cranky girl who wants to sleep, but can’t, despite my best efforts. I’m fine if the girls are awake and content, I love to play, but, so frustrating when they’re exhausted and can’t get back to sleep, even if I hold them like when they were so little! Ok, forget the yard.
Then, Brianna wakes up. At least she had a decent nap. I go up to get her, and find the pull-up on the floor with an explanation, “mom, I peed my bed”, “umm, ok, why is the pull-up on the ground? and why didn’t you call me for the potty? or at least go in the pull up?” That spawned tears. My bad. Why would I even ask.
The tears just progressed when I explained she would need a shower.
Brianna is going through a phase. Some would call it the terrible two’s, I don’t know, whatever it is, it’s rough let me tell you. I now see glimpses of my sweet, sassy, super smart big girl. The other times, I get this emotional, sensitive girl who either crys at the drop of a hat, or is so stubborn because she wants to do something that I won’t let her, (such as watch TV, I’m the WORST!), she’ll just say, “I don’t feel good” or cry or say things like, “I don’t want to play with your sister” (cute, because it’s HER sister, but just cruel because she’s trying to punish me and all her sister wants to do is play with her). Anyway, I’m getting a little off topic.
So, while I’m giving her a shower, Addison has a pacifier to keep her from losing it. I finally get them at least not crying and we play for a bit. I need to hit the store to pick up a few things. I usually reserve a trip to the grocery store for the weekend or my husband on his way home from work, it’s honestly just so much easier and faster. But today, I want to save him the trip and surprise him with something. I also thought, maybe a quick trip out of the house would cheer up the girls. Umm, NO.
Knowing Addison would be getting hungry and we needed to make this quick, I brought some Puffs with us. The trip took a turn for the worse when an innocent stranger tried to talk to Addison. She SCREAMED. Not just the cry they make when they’re a little hungry or tired, the one they have when they get a shot. This was relentless. The really sad cry that says “I’m in pain” or “I’m really pissed”. So, lately when Addison cries like that, Brianna looks at her, and FREAKS OUT. So, now Brianna starts screaming and crying and shaking and pointing at her, getting nervous, in the frozen food aisle. Mind you, this was just a quick trip, for like 5 things. Nothing crazy, just a quick trip I THOUGHT we could handle. Clearly not. I got the looks, you know them, maybe you’ve given them, or you’ve got them. The looks from strangers that say without any words, “I’m sorry” or “ugh, why can’t they keep their kid quiet?” or “I’ve been there”. Either way, it happened and there’s nothing I can do about it until I can get to the car for the pacifier. At this point, I just need two more minutes in the store next to that one, so I make a run for it. We sing songs, and I hurry along. The man at the counter felt so bad when the next breakdown happened, he pulled out a cup of lollipops. Ahh, the “I’ve seen this before and I’m prepared for this.”
Then, I get home, feed them, and they’re both laughing and joking and talking.
It makes me REALLY miss being a kid.
They have no recollection of that trip. They don’t care. They just know either someone was looking at them or talking to them and they didn’t like it, or that their sister was crying and that made them nervous. But they were over it, so why does it take mom longer to let it go?
Something to aim for tomorrow I guess!
I’m only human.