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How often do you just sit, take a deep breath and enjoy the quiet?
It’s not often enough for me.
When a friend or family member suggests you take a deep breath, do you really? And are their just too many other distractions to even feel that breath?
I took my deep breath today, I needed it.
It was a rough morning and it’s been a rough few weeks. There’s just not enough time in a day, mix that in with two separate stomach bugs and a very cranky 2 year old who’s going through a rough patch, life in general, and you’ve got some stress.
Today, instead of rushing to check messages, folding laundry, cleaning up some mess that’s still there or starting dinner, I took a moment.
I went outside and just listened.
I love the sound of the birds singing, the wind blowing, even a distant dog barking. I like the smell and I love the warmth of a spring day that I’ve been waiting for, for so long.
It’s so hard to just say no to that ringing phone or hold off on returning that email or commenting on someone’s cute Facebook picture. I’m not going to lie, I love doing all of that , but I still need a minute to just sit and try to relax. Believe me, my family and I generally don’t relax. It’s like a genetic trait or something so I know how tempting that “to-do” list is. But my husband has taught me, it can wait and today, I can’t believe I’m writing this, but he was right.
Today I was so frustrated when my girls went down for a nap I just couldn’t say no to that moment. The rain had stopped and the clouds were clearing out.
My advice? Don’t put it off any longer. Seize that quick moment you have. It might not be every day, in fact I’m sure it won’t be. We’re all so busy all the time to take a time out. But for me, that time was today. I had to just stop. Stop talking, listening, writing, working, just for a moment.
The house doesn’t have to be spotless, or even decent enough to host some company, at least at this moment, despite my desire for it to be.
Today I took my deep breath.
Being outside makes me happy.
So find whatever makes you happy and take time for yourself, at least sometimes!
Because, you’ll still need to meet that deadline or respond to that email or pick up that crying baby, but you only have a few moments to yourself!