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Someday, she won’t run towards me when I pick her up from school… and it will silently break my heart.

Someday, she won’t fall asleep on me anymore because she desperately needs a nap but refuses to rest in her bed and I will think about all the unimportant stuff I need to be doing and decide to hold her just a little longer.

Someday, every thought that crosses her mind won’t come out of her mouth and I’ll constantly wonder/worry what she’s thinking about and if she’s okay.

Someday, she won’t ask me to dance with her while I’m trying to make dinner and I’ll be happy that she taught me to seize the moment.

Someday, I’ll miss the fact that she is crying and whining and I won’t be able to solve her problem just by picking her up.

Someday, I’ll miss my messy house. (well, maybe not)

Someday, I’ll miss being their everything… getting them dressed, making their meals, helping them go potty, putting them in their car seat, crossing the street.

I know there will come a day when my daughters won’t need me so much and it makes me sad. Although the days are exhausting and often times by the end of the week, I’m sometimes ready to ask my tiny bosses for a vacation, I know I am so blessed. I just went to order pictures and realized how much has already happened/changed in just a few short years. My babies are gone and in their place are two incredible young ladies I’m so incredibly proud to call my daughters. They’re smart and sassy, and so different (like their dad and me), but compliment each other so well.

So, in the moment, when I’m frustrated and I feel like I have nothing left to give, no more creative ways to entertain them, I will miss being their everything. I already do. So this is my reminder to take a step back from my own life and realize, everything I need is right here.  In the meantime, my family, friends, the gym and a great babysitter are a godsend!