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Simple Pleasures… My husband had the day off of work. Brianna had the day off of school. I “slept in” until 8 (thanks babe!) We got a much needed walk in, dog in tow. No hurrying. No place to be. Girls got to play and hang out with daddy on a weekday! Happy ladies. I got to run errands alone. Simply awesome. Lost track of time in Target because I wasn’t dodging nap or meal times. I didn’t need to run to the potty with two kids and a carriage. I didn’t need to pick up anyone by a certain time or pay a babysitter for my “me time.” Crossed some things off the to-do list. Ran around as a family in the backyard. First time down the slide of the season. That pile of stubborn snow at the bottom of it finally melted. Bubbles and wagon rides. Giggling girls say “Whee!” as I pull them down a “roller coaster” (hill in the backyard).
“Chase me!” Brianna says. I smile and pretend that I can’t quite catch her yet (but know soon enough I really won’t be able to) She’s so tall and fast! Addison runs half the distance, stops and turns around to keep up. Silly goose.
Ok, so it wasn’t “perfect” we accidentally charred the chicken on the grill.
These are those favorite moments I know someday I’ll look back on so fondly.