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It’s been happening for a while now.

I can barely carry on a conversation with my husband by the time he gets home from work.

I feel like my children take every last bit of energy I have.  Around dinner time, I often feel frustrated and like I’ve been through some sort of mental marathon.  I’m tired of negotiating with my strong willed and extremely stubborn 3 year old.  She pushes my buttons and loves every minute of it, in fact, she laughs in my face sometimes when I take away her TV time for the day or her “fuzzy blanket” she loves so much.  I’ve spent a lot of time lately reading up on how to handle her growing desire for independence while trying to discipline her.  I feel like I’m failing miserably.  In fact, I’ve started writing several blog posts about her behavior and am just exhausted reliving the day so I never finish.  She’s very sweet and affectionate one minute and doesn’t listen and is just plain mean the next. Another mom told me, “oh, you have a threenager” Genius! that’s what it feels like, this little girl with that nasty, hormonal attitude. A scary preview of 10 years from now. Although I’d like to give up on finding a solution some days, I am still struggling to find a balance.  I don’t want everyday to begin with a fight.  So, I’ve been experimenting with nap time, bed time, time-outs, ignoring vs screaming in frustration.   I go to bed praying for patience and wake up vowing to start the day with a clean slate.  Be happy, reward the good behavior, ignore or punish the bad behavior.  Let’s be honest, it’s easier said than done some days, isn’t it?

My one year old is sweet as pie right now… except if she’s teething or sick… which has been the case now off and on for months, courtesy of all those lovely preschool germs from her sister! Everyone told me to expect it, but between the colds, coughs, pink eye and issues with antibiotics, I’m all set! Then when “mama needs to work” forget it, she gives the babysitter a dirty look and cries.

I love writing personally and professionally but when I’ve spent my days at the pediatrician’s office, it falls on the back burner.  Not only out of necessity, after all they are my babies and they need their mama, but by the time I have one second alone, all I want to do is zone out with a glass of wine and either some garbage TV or a good book.  Therein lies the problem.  I’m married and love my husband very much (although he probably wouldn’t remember the last time I acted like it.) Another reason why he’s so great?  I inundate him with the daily B.S. going on at home if it’s a particularily rough day (ok, even if it’s not). I’m the play by play wife, good or bad, he gets the nagging texts and the cute pics of the girls. He’s the guy who has no problem doing the dishes or the laundry if need be, and never complains about it. (I know, so what am I complaining about?!)
The other night we broke out the WII sports. We haven’t played in a LONG time. My husband and I used to have bowling tournaments. We’re both extremely competitive so it’s something fun and silly to do. We had fun. We stayed up too late and laughed, like we used to. And, then Addison woke up sick. Such is the life of a parent. I just want to know how couples with kids make it work. PLEASE share your secrets. How do you make sure you get some quality time with your husband? I’m not talking everyday here, I’m trying to be realistic. We’ve made a real effort with date night here and there, but do we just need to have our babysitter on standby for those particularly rough days? Or, is it just like this until our little ones aren’t so little anymore and we long for the days they want to spend this much time with us?!