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Could it be that I have first day of school jitters but my daughter doesn’t?

Who will give her a hug if she’s nervous? Who will take her to the potty? What if she’s hungry or thirsty? What if someone picks on her?  I know, I know.  It’s part of growing up.  For my daughter and I!  She’ll be three very soon and although she’s still very much my little girl, it’s time for me to let go, just a LITTLE! I know it’s a good thing when she doesn’t need mommy by her side all the time, in fact, I’m glad, it means she’s embracing the little bit of independence we’ve given her.  I’m proud of her.

My husband and I both think she’s ready for preschool, even though she’ll be one of the youngest in the class.  She’s smart and friendly and very social.  But it’s all new, so I’m sure it’ll be an adjustment.  I’m excited for her to bond with her very first teacher, make her first friends and learn new things!
The school has been very helpful in talking about the transition.  She got to meet her teacher and see her classroom in the spring.  bplayground wordpressThis summer, I took her to the playground and reminded her again of where her classroom was and what it looked like.  We’ll have orientation the day before.  We’ve picked out her backpack and explained

“mommy or daddy will drop you off, you’ll listen to your teacher, play and make new friends and then mommy or daddy will come and pick you up.”

I think we’ve done a good job preparing her as much as we can for what she can expect up until this point, we just won’t be able to really know, until we drive away.
I know that’s the moment I’ll cry.  Not because I’m sad, but I’m so proud of her.  My little girl, my first born, is having her first day of school!  I am eager for her peers and teacher to know my smart, silly, beautiful, talkative little preschooler!  In the meantime, I’ve got my cellphone and Kleenex, just in case!