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b donkey wordpress“There he is, Mom!!” Brianna says as she sprints towards the donkey!
Bandit is his name and my daughter absolutely adores him!
The farm friend is part of the quaint petting zoo at Burke Ridge Farm in Ellington.
We often pass the farm on our way to various errands and have stopped more than a handful of times since Brianna was born.

Tammy and Tilley, mother-daughter goats and pig wordpress3 little pigs named Sour Patch, Suzie Q and Double Stuff all live there. You can feed them or the fish in the nearby pond for a quarter, but the smiles you’ll get are priceless.
I promised Brianna we’d go again before school started to visit the donkey and get ice cream.b ice cream word press
a cow wordpressAddison was partial to the fake cow and the barn dogs which are friendly but would rather be left alone than chased by children!barn dog wordpress
The farm is open from May until Halloween so there’s plenty of time for a visit! If you’re a big fan of anything fall, like I am, then you’ll want to catch a hayride to their pumpkin patch. We’ve been in years past and look forward to it again this year (they’re working on the logistics). You’ll learn all about the farms rich history and the beef they raise. Then, the tractor stops and you get to pick your own pumpkin right out of the patch! An authentic fall activity for the family I look forward to just as much as my daughters do!
They also have cute little trinkets and seasonal decorations for sale.
Check out their website or call for more information on upcoming activities.