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I had a great week.
I saw somecousinspark wordpress friends I hadn’t seen in a while, went for a walk almost every day, then took my nieces to the park with my daughters & I.  The park had animals, a playground and some beautiful gardens where we had a silly photo shoot!

I thought I had escaped my Thursday curse by getting out of the house & exercising them to exhaustion.  I followed it up with an overdue night out with my sister.

meandliz wordpressNo major meltdowns, good bonding time for the cousins, and great adult conversation for me! Good day!

Then, Friday came. The day most of us wait for all week. You made it. TGIF. All that. But it sucked.

From the moment the girls got up, they were in a foul mood. Addison whined nonstop, didn’t want to be put down and forget about playing independently.

Brianna woke up thinking she was entitled to do whatever she wanted and started demanding to watch shows on TV. Then came breakfast. I’m no super mom, but once or twice a week I make eggs, nothing fancy, just scrambled, they also got turkey sausage a piece of cheese and a shared peach!
“Brianna, breakfast is ready!” “She sits down. Looks at it, turns her nose up and says

“ugh I don’t like that.”

Here we go.
I know I’m not alone in the meal battle. Don’t you just want to offer them a chocolate sundae sometimes just to hear “WOW Mom! Thanks. This is delicious!”
I know, I’m living in a fantasy!
After that, the safety gate at the top of the stairs broke and my babysitter cancelled.
I’m trying to “put out fires” everywhere and realized at noon I was still in my PJ’s. (not like one of those college days when you rolled out of bed at that time!)

I know I sound like a whiner too and of course, looking back I know it wasn’t THAT bad, but at the time I just wanted to throw a tantrum of my own! No one ever said being a mom was going to be easy though!!