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As I was getting ready, I realized it had been two weeks since I had
done my hair and and put on an outfit that didn’t have a drawstring
. My husband and I had plans to go to a kid-friendly picnic this past weekend. I packed their bathing suits, a swim diaper, some snacks and sweaters, all stuff they would need.
But, at the last minute, we didn’t take them.
I needed a break.
We were at my in-laws’ house and they offered. Although I hesitated and this wasn’t what I planned, I agreed. Between the drive there and the drive back, they would only have a couple of hours at the picnic. On top of that, my youngest, Addison, would be overwhelmed by all the people and in my arms the entire time. I wouldn’t be able to carry on a conversation with people I hadn’t seen in a while, and everyone would be miserable. On the flip side, the girls would be able to take a nap, play, and eat whenever they needed to with their grandparents, who they adored. “Ok” I say, “as long as you don’t mind.”
We left.
Not five minutes in to the car ride, I say to my husband,

I wonder if Addison is screaming right now.

I have no qualms about my in-laws taking care of my daughters whatsoever, I do, however, feel bad if she’s throwing a tantrum. My husband responds,

they’re fine, relax, stop, enjoy yourself.

“That’s the goal!” I say!
Going anywhere, alone, these days feels foreign to me. I’m home with the kids everyday, by choice. BUT, walking into the picnic with nothing but my phone was bizarre. No baby on my hip or holding my hand, no diaper bag, no snacks, just me. I felt super light and smiled. Of course, the first thing everyone asked,

where’s the kids?

We told them, and instead of hearing, “aww, we wanted to see them”, we got mostly “good for you!” I was glad to know I’m not the only one who needs a break. I think many of them wished they could have done the same, and so

I was glad I seized the moment and admitted I needed a break!

I laughed, had some drinks, finished conversations and ate an entire plate of food uninterrupted. I chatted with some other moms about them needing some “me time” as well. Now, I’m in the process of searching for something I’ll do for myself once a week. It might be a class, a night out with friends or just a trip to Target, but it’ll be something, just for me.
Anyway, despite not having to worry about our daughters’ bedtime, I was ready to call it a night by 10.
I couldn’t wait to check on my girls and crawl into bed.
The best gift of all? Two happy girls who were fast asleep and behaved themselves while we were gone. The world didn’t end because I accepted help, it was great, and worked out for everyone.
Thank you “baby whisperer!”