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We just spent a week visiting family on the west coast.
There were a total of 18 of us at one point, including 5 children under 5 years old.
You know how you feel the first time you see an old friend in a while? Like you never left? That’s what the kids acted like, and some of them, had never met, or hadn’t seen in each other in years.
In a word, it was precious.
They took to each other like glue.
Not wanting to ever separate, despite their tiffs here and there.
However, the gathering, of course, included many moments, some hilarious, some frustrating.
I jotted them down on the plane ride home in the form of some quotes:
“hold onto the carriage”
“stop touching that”
“can I watch Frozen?”
“get your hair out of your mouth”
“where’s the pacifier?”
“I need some wine”
“damn it, the milk exploded again!” (on the plane)
“I don’t feel good” (Brianna’s favorite new phrase when we ask her to do something she doesn’t want to)
“do you have to go potty?”
“DRAGONS!” (some game the older kids were running around playing!)
“hold my hand”
“stop yelling”
“Can I watch Frozen? puuhlease?”
“get your shoes on”
“give her/him some space”
“what time did she get her medicine?” (Addison got an ear infection while we were gone)
“you have to eat SOMETHING”
“which one is that?” (upon hearing a child crying)
“do you think she’s tired?” (adjusting to time difference was a guessing game!)
more crying
“no I want apple juice”
“what kind of wine are we drinking?”
“stop tattling”
“no jumping on the bed”
“watch out for the baby!”
more crying
more wine drinking