Pardon my french, but I feel like an a-hole.
My husband works in the news business, like I did for 15 years, and unfortunately you hear the worst of the worst. There were days when such horrific things happened, I would come home and cry, and several, including 9/11 and the Newtown School Shootings, where I just lost it right there in the newsroom. When people asked me how I was able to carry out my assignment and write about such awful tragedies, I wouldn’t sugar coat it, I would tell them, it’s awful, and I never wanted to know some of the details I learned about.
This week, I’ve been whining to my husband about my daughters’ behavior when other families are having real, honest to God struggles and heartache. I read a story yesterday about a little boy who was lonely because he couldn’t go to school anymore because of an inoperable brain tumor.
It really puts things into perspective when I’m complaining that one of my daughters is miserable, teething and not a great sleeper and the other one is driving me nuts because she’s almost 3 and fights me on everything. It’s exhausting nonetheless, but thank God they’re healthy. What did I expect when we decided to have children, that it would be easy? Absolutely not, it’s just all about perspective. I thank God for my family every night before I go to sleep, I just need to focus more on the positive and not sweat the small stuff so much. I know it’s not time for a New Year’s resolution, but I always hated the pressure behind those anyway. So, I’m pledging to TRY and focus on all the fantastic moments we have (because we have plenty) rather than wasting all that time bitching about the negative.