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I feel like it takes an act of God to get out of the house.
I’m not talking about an overnight trip or extended vacation for that matter, just a trip to the store, story time at the library, or even the backyard or a walk for that matter.
I remember thinking when it was cold out, how much I couldn’t wait for the warmer weather, not only to spend more time outside, but to nix the jackets, hats and mittens routine. All that time I’m saving now is now devoted to my nearly 3 year old exerting her independence. I swear, every single time I ask Brianna to do something these days it’s met with a loud shriek or a “NO!!” or an “I don’t feel good.” The meltdowns are plenty, and mostly saved, just for me. I get it, proximity, I’m home with her all day, everyday, it’s a lot for anyone, everyone needs a break from each other sometimes. Brianna’s protests are coupled with my 1 year olds insistence to do EVERYTHING her big sister does. While I find it to be extremely sweet and endearing, it’s also frustrating. Addison tries to climb the step stool to join her big sister while she brushes her teeth, she also likes to sit in the bathroom with her when she uses the potty and likes to touch the toilet. Addison also loves to “help” empty the dishwasher. My husband and I have gotten really good at snagging the sharp stuff immediately to avoid yet another, “Addison, NO!!”
So, I’ve got Brianna protesting brushing her teeth and hair, merely just because I suggested it, and Addison, who won’t give the toothbrush back because it feels nice on her gums. It’s a scream fest every time. At the same time, I’m thinking, “do I have enough diapers in the diaper bag? did we run out of wipes, do I have drinks and snacks for the girls?, and don’t forget about that load of laundry you did hours ago that needs to go in the dryer!
Add to it, the dog. He has to be left in the basement or the backyard depending on the weather, I won’t get into what he would do if we left him upstairs, alone. So I have to either make sure he “goes potty” outside first or get him some water.
This is an average day, forget about the days they’re in a bad mood, or I’m trying to meet a deadline before running out of the house!
So, I’M TRYING to learn to embrace the chaos, but I have to admit, for a type A mama, it’s a challenge. Being a parent is a constant lesson in patience and some days are just more challenging than the others!