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It’s a two cup of coffee kind of day.
I remember my friend Erin telling me when I was pregnant with my first daughter, “you’ll turn on each other in the middle of the night!” I was asking her how she handled the inevitable sleep deprivation that comes along with having a newborn. “How do you do it, I love to sleep and am NOT pleasant without it?” Of course my desire to have children was much greater, but I wondered how you prepare for that kind of exhaustion.
As the mom of two daughters now, I know, you simply can’t prepare. You just do it. Somehow, someway, you manage. Some days are harder than others, but you push through because, you also had no way of preparing how much you’d fall head over heels in love with them.
BUT, I don’t have a newborn anymore! My daughters are almost three and one! Shouldn’t we all be well rested by now? Our three year old is a great sleeper, a few bumps here and there, but we have nothing to complain about. However, our one year old is a challenge. So, here I am, drinking my second cup of coffee of the day and having a slice of her first birthday cake leftovers for the sugar rush to wake me up! At four months old, my husband and I tried a modified CIO (cry it out.) It kind of worked, for a little while, but the crying was torture. I feel like the hearing your baby scream while you’re trying to ignore it goes against nature or something. I understand that it’s for the greater good, meaning, like the doctor said, somewhere along the way, they developed a bad habit and need to learn how to “self soothe and get themselves back to sleep.” We have a bedtime routine that includes milk and reading books and no TV (like the doc said!) But isn’t their a better way? I’ve done a lot of reading up on it and am at a loss.
I will admit I’m an extremely light sleeper. It takes me a while to wind down and fall asleep. My mind never stops running long enough to just shut down sometimes, but usually once I’m asleep, I’m fine. My husband could fall asleep standing up in a crowded street, and I’m jealous! Addison doesn’t have trouble falling asleep, she has trouble staying asleep. We have seen some progress, but she’s still waking up at least once (used to be twice, so progress?) and she just screams. My husband and I get into the same conversation, “what do you want to do?” he says, “I don’t know, I’m tired, do you have any other suggestions?” While we were half asleep half talking about it, she fell asleep, after an hour of crying.
Will Addison still be struggling to sleep when she’s 5 or 25? Is this another phase the doctors keep telling me about such as stranger anxiety?
Our daughters share a room so we keep moving Brianna into another room temporarily. We explained it’s only temporary, but thankfully, she’s a good sport and thinks the whole thing is fun.
I’ll try to be the optimist and say she only woke up screaming for a few minutes last night, a sign of things to come, or just a tease? Only time will tell!