I always knew I wanted to be a mom. BUT, I also knew I wanted to share that responsibility.
I am so blessed to be able to share the joys and challenges of parenting my daughters with my husband.
We were friends for a while before we started dating and then it was a while longer before we got married. During that time, I often thought of what kind of father he would be. I remember saying to my sisters, “he’ll be such a great dad.” I envisioned a husband and father who wouldn’t assume the traditional roles of the past (mom changes all the diapers while dad teaches them how to drive, or whatever stereotype you’re thinking) I dreamed of a man who would change just as many dirty diapers as I, make them dinner and read them bedtime stories. What I couldn’t have imagined was the actual father my husband became.
We were a little surprised when I got pregnant the first time. I just remember thinking that, up until that point, I had spent most of my life trying not to get pregnant. I didn’t want to exactly “plan” having kids or not (too much pressure I thought). My husband and I just came to the point where we would be happy if/when the time was right.
It was my husband who suggested getting a pregnancy test. Positive. I was shocked. I, of course knew it was possible, but the reality of it exactly happening was surreal. I experienced every emotion in the book, like I’m sure many expectant moms do. I also remember my husband’s calming presence. This is true of many situations we’ve encountered during our time together. At that moment, his reassurance, excitement, and yes, tears, were all I needed to know how happy he was that he was going to be a dad. We were blessed with a baby girl in the fall. Seeing this big guy melt over this little angel, I have no words. I definitely fell in love all over agin.
We are now the proud parents of two precious little girls. Our love grew once again when our oldest came to the hospital and embraced being a big sister.
Of course, raising children is HARD. We love our children unconditionally, but it’s a challenge nonetheless. My husband costantly steps in and helps out and supports me even when I don’t ask for it. (even though I usually do!) He listens to me vent and doesn’t complain. He doesn’t always have a solution but I know he cares. He insists I spend time with my family and friends when he knows I need a night out. He encourages me to “go for a drive” when I’ve had a challenging day with the girls. But most of all, he enjoys being their dad, and I know they are the most important people in the world to him. He would do anything for them. My daughters and I are so blessed to have such a strong but laid back and loving husband and father.