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Everyone still talks about the speech my dad gave at my wedding…
Guests who had never even met my father told me, “I was in tears”, “that was beautiful”, “wow, what a great dad he is.”
But, honestly, I find myself, a writer, struggling to find the right words to express my gratitude for my dad. With Father’s Day upon us, I once again have no idea what to get him. He’s really hard to buy for, “don’t get me anything”, “don’t waste your money”, or “I don’t need anything”, he would always tell us. My mom and my siblings and I would go in on the things we knew he wanted but would never get for himself. A ladder, perhaps a lawn mower, or some tools, usually something to help someone else somehow. He used to be a mechanic, so anytime someones car was making a wierd noise or wouldn’t start or the wheel was vibrating, he always knew what the problem was and usually fixed it himself. He would always drop what he was doing to help someone else. He is honestly the most selfless man I know.
Growing up, he spent his mornings playing with my sisters and I (& eventually my brother, he’s younger) before going to work 2nd shift because it paid more. He wasn’t one of those dads that parked themselves and the kids in front of the TV and called it a day. We would spend our days jumping in the leaves he was trying to rake up or playing in our fort in the backyard while he did some yard work. He always somehow made chores fun. We were always making more messes, but he never complained and enjoyed pulling double duty.
He’s also the hardest working man I know. He took on as many jobs as he had to when we were little to put food on the table and never complained about it. I never knew just how hard he had to work to take care of us until I was an adult. He and my mom wanted a big family (I am one of 4). We went on vacations and never knew the difference between a trip to New Hampshire vs a plane ride to Disney. We all had a blast regardless. We went camping and made the most of it when it rained. I will never know all the sacrifices my parents made for me and my siblings. I thank God for my family everyday and for the amazing example both of my parents have set for me. The respect I have for them helps me now as a parent myself.
Although I consider my dad to be a “working man” or a “guys guy”, he wouldn’t hesitate to give us a bottle or change a diaper. He’s absolutely the best father I could have asked for, all heart. I have no doubt he’s the reason I knew my husband was “the one”, because he has similiar selfless qualities.
I am so blessed to have you for my dad. I love being able to look back at silly pictures growing up and laugh, cherish the moments we have now, and explain to my daughters what an amazing “pop pops” they have!
So dad, I know you don’t care about materialistic things, so Happy Father’s Day. I hope this blog means more to you than anything I could have wrapped. I love you!