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It seems to be the only thing that works…
It’s the witching hour… the girls are hungry, cranky and a little tired… and speaking of… I’m exhausted. But Daddy’s almost home and we gotta rally.
Dance Party!
Music instantly lifts our spirits! I play DJ while I’m making dinner. I walk/dance back and forth to the kitchen, each time tossing another small snack on their plates to tide them over while the real meal is made. It’s not pretty, but they don’t judge. While I’m at it, I belt out the tunes. I love to sing and even though I have yet to make an album (pipe dream) I’ve earned the title of “the best singer in the world” from my daughter! Ha!
Even my youngest has started to tilt her head to the beat and shake her rump when she’s done eating. My oldest puts in requests. My husband and I are big country music fans so it’s no surprise she’s following suit. Lately, the requests have been for Darius Rucker’s “Wagon Wheel” (after she started humming a version of it and I figured it out and asked her, “is THIS the song you mean?!”) She’s also loving “Firefly” written by Lori McKenna because it mentions Tinkerbell! “Mama, dance with me!” she says as she holds my hands and jumps! (she used to be obsessed with George Strait’s “Give It Away” for some reason!) I mix in a little Katy Perry, a couple of Kelly Clarkson ballads, some DMB (Dave Matthews Band) and everyone is in a much better mood!