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Things have dramatically changed in the last few weeks.
I am surprised, impressed, afraid and proud all at once.
My baby girl is walking.
She started out with a couple of wobbly steps here and there around 9 months old, but I didn’t expect her to catch on so quickly. It’s not that I was underestimating her, I just remember it being a more gradual process with my oldest. BUT, she didn’t have an older sister to keep up with. These days, Brianna only moves at one speed: fast! She’s either bouncing or running, whatever she’s doing. Addison is a quick study.
I said she was “officially” walking last week in the grass outside when I could leave her on her own and she would come to us. We then let her walk on her own in the padded playroom, then on the rug in the living room. I figured the kitchen floor would take a little while. NOPE! My husband and I were getting breakfast ready the other day and I turned around and Addison startled me. She had walked from the play room into the kitchen, with a big, proud grin on her face! If she could talk, I bet she would say, “yup, I did it, look at me!” I think I giggled a little bit, then paused, whoa, here we go! Never again will I be able to put her somewhere (unless it’s bed) and she’s going to stay there!
The last few days have been an adventure. She literally hasn’t stopped moving, and has even been trying to run. I keep telling her, “whoa, slow down honey”, but she just laughs and tries to keep up with her sister as she runs back and forth and around and around.
Because the girls are so close in age, we’ve still got the baby gates up, but I don’t think much else will stop her. A few months back, I remember saying, Addison is fearless. She’s going to be trouble. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just mean, she’s going to grab whatever toy she wants and isn’t going to wait for an invitation to do anything. Her older sister is very different. We wouldn’t have even needed those gates, we would tell her to stay away from the stairs, and she would. We can’t turn our back for a second or Addison is gone. She’s already so quick!
So, while I’m proud that my 10 month old can walk and am grateful my back will get a break, this stage makes it really hard to get anything done! I’m not complaining, I’m just adjusting! It’s a new stage, and this little girl is going to keep her mama gasping as she tries to keep up with her sister!