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Favorite Moments:

When I hear my daughter Addison waking up in the morning talking to herself.
When I go and get Brianna up in the morning and she immediately starts to tell a story, often times about the last thing we talked about before bed.
When Addison looks at me, smiles and puts her arms out and reaches for me with a big smile.
When Brianna snuggles me and says, “You’re my best friend.”
When Addison, who’s about to walk anyday, takes those wobbly steps towards me, with an open mouth like Fozzy Bear, and a grin, because she’s just as proud of herself as I am!
When Brianna misprounounces something, it’s adorable.
When we’re all outside, and we’re basically playing a game of chase, that Brianna calls “uh oh”, where she says “uh oh” and starts chasing Addison and Addison giggles in delight and quickly steers my hands in the opposite direction, laughing the whole time because she can’t wait for her big sister to “get her.”
When Brianna sings to Addison.
When I’m reading them nursery rhymes when it’s time for their naps and Addison is rolling around on the bed and we’re all snuggling and she’s sticking her “stinky piggies” in Brianna’s face and we’re all just laughing
When Brianna says, “But mooom”
Addison’s fearlessness, she just go’s for it, walking or leaping for a toy she wants, because she knows mom or dad will catch her if she falls
When I find Brianna in the dog’s bed with him, saying, “you’re my little bud”