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Earlier this week, my heart ached for my little girl who wasn’t feeling well.
Now she’s back, with a vengeance.
I don’t know what’s gotten into Brianna.
I know she’s 2 and is going to have temper tantrums and I know she’s a kid who isn’t always going to listen. But literally every conversation seems to end in tears.
She wakes up calling one of us like usual in her sweet little voice, “mama”, “daddy” “I’m awake”, but when we say “good morning!”, it all goes downhill.
I know part of it is because she didn’t sleep long enough last night, (she thought the wind howling was a monster) but this has been going on, pretty much for the past two weeks.
I am not under the impression that being a parent is by any means easy. BUT, I will say, that Brianna is a very good girl. She was the kid who was always generally happy, ate, slept and was just easy. People even said when she started to have temper tantrums, now we know she’s not perfect!
I think she’s going through some sort of stage right now. She’s technically two and a half, maybe there’s some sort of growth spurt/hormone thing going on that I need to look into. Who knows. Either way, for the past two weeks, minus those few days when she was really sick, she’s been an emotional roller coaster. The only thing I can equate it to is a teenage girl. I don’t mean that in a nasty way, I just remember crying at the drop of a hat, laughing and being angry all in the same five minutes when I was a teenager. This glimpse, I have to say is frightening.
In the last couple of weeks, she’s hit me, thrown childrens scissors (not at anyone thank God but still) when I told her it was time to leave a play place, and just screamed and cried, every time I suggested something.
I have tried a lot of different methods depending on the situation. I’ve tried talking calmly to her, putting her in a time out and letting her finish her tantrum, I’ve tried ignoring it, I’ve also, on many occasions, just asked if she needed a hug. All have worked at some point, and none at other times.
It’s really sad to see my sweet little girl who frequently says, “you’re my best friend forever”, go through this roller coaster of emotions. It’s also really frustrating. I also know it’s my job as a parent to disclipline her for when she does something wrong, be her biggest cheerleader when she learns something new and tell her how much I love her, even when she’s driving me crazy. Because it’s all the truth. It’s hard and exhausting, but whether or not Brianna is making me laugh or maybe cry with her, she’s still my butter bean.