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I miss my baby.
“Mom, I don’t feel good.”
Words no parent EVER wants to hear, no matter what the cause.
Brianna has a stomach bug.
It’s heart wrenching to see the little girl you love so much cuddled up on the couch, with no energy, her favorite “mama duck” toy, and “fuzzy blanket” in hand. I’m used to her silly self always waking up with a smile on her face and a story to tell. “Mama, can I run?” she always says. “As long as you have grippys on your socks” I say. I’m waiting to hear that again. It’s been two days this stupid virus is knocking her on her butt. She spent the first day laying on the couch watching TV, uttering “I don’t feel good”, all too often. Every time I asked her to even think about moving to use the potty or see if she wanted to eat something, she would cry. Just so sad. She also snuggled with me. When I got my younger daughter down for her nap, she just laid with me and watched a movie. Brianna NEVER sits still. In fact, the day before, my husband asked her, “why won’t you just sit with me for a minute?” We never wanted sickness to be the reason she would. By dinner time, she had a fever, and I gave her some medicine. I saw a quick glimpse of her “normal” self before bed time, but figured it was only temporary. I was expecting her to wake up in the middle of the night and throw up, but she slept.
Hmm, would we escape the vomiting? Nope, soon after waking up, projectile vomit. She stepped backwards, stunned. At 2 and a half, I can imagine, it’s just scary. She said, “mom, I just spit up.” My husband and I said, “it’s ok, it’s why your belly hurts.” Then she proceded to do it again, and started crying. I hug her and tell her it’s ok, while she cried, telling me, “I don’t feel good.” I peeled off her stinky clothes, wrapping her in a blanket and just held her. We did our best to comfort her while cleaning up the mess and keeping our youngest as far away from her as possible. I know it’s probably pointless, but I would love to try. So, we’re all hunkered down, as a family, taking it easy, riding it out. Being sick isn’t the kind of quality time I was hoping for, but tomorrow is another day, and hopefully one that won’t include vomiting.