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I started collecting quotes.
Some of things my daughter says are just too funny not to share.

Brianna is 2 and a half. She’s sweet, sassy, smart and stubborn all at the same time, and she has A LOT to say (just like her mama!)

Here are just a few of my favorites:

“You’re my best friend forever”
“I have no idea what to do”
“You’re something else” (who knows where she heard that one!)
“You’re a good cooker”
“But Mooooooom” (mom)
“Look at me I’m talking to you. You’re not listening” (not sure where she picked this one up either?!)
“I’m crying because I don’t want to be happy”
me: “I’m going to call your father” B: “Call your father”
“Lettuce is my favorite”
“and daddy was your prince!” (when telling her the story about us getting married)
“darn it”

And my favorite because it was just so silly:
She points to her chest and says “these are my boobies” I say, “when you get bigger they will be”, B says: “I’ll ask the Easter Bunny.”

I’m pretty sure he hasn’t gotten that request before!