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When I was pregnant with my second child, and we found out it was a girl, not only was I thrilled Brianna would have a sister and eventually a best friend, I was happy they could share a room.
My husband and I don’t plan on living in our house for the long term for many reasons, one being being the size. It’s small and there isn’t an extra bedroom so it all worked out, kind of! (even if we had a boy I think it would have been fine for a little while anyway)
But, although they do share a room, they haven’t really yet. We play in there together, their clothes are in there, and we change their diapers in there, but as far as the sleeping goes, NOPE.

This past week, I decided to try the merge! I thought, baby steps. Let’s see if I can get them to nap together. In the last couple of months I was so proud of myself when I figured out how to get them to nap at the same time. (my trick is to take cues from my youngest, when she’s tired, they’re both going to bed because Brianna is flexible) So, I thought let’s try the same room. Brianna is a great sleeper, and generally isn’t bothered by noise. (I don’t tiptoe around the house when they’re sleeping so they’re used to a little noise)

I figured I’d give it a week.
Day one: Addison woke up after about an hour and woke up Brianna, because I think she had just gotten enough sleep where she couldn’t fall back to sleep. FAIL!
Day two: BOTH girls slept 2 plus hours. AMAZING SUCCESS! was so excited and optimistic
Day three: Addison woke up after about 45 minutes, but I ran up, got her out of there before Brianna woke up and successfully put her back to sleep in her pack n play: SCORE! That’s fine!
Day four: Some sleeping at the same time, but Addison woke up Brianna: I’ll give it a C
Day five: Addison woke up after 45 minutes and woke up Brianna, got Brianna back to sleep, but Addison never slept again until bedtime: I’ll give it a D.

Brianna needs her rest. She’s just not herself when she doesn’t get it. Addison sleeps when she needs to, and a quick car ride where she falls asleep for 20 minutes can throw it all off (which happened on Friday) I want them both to adjust to each other and I know it will happen in time, but for now, I’m not rushing it. Not only do the girls need their rest, so do I! (and when I say rest, I mean write, make a phone call, clean, cook, or watch one of my recorded TV shows)
So we’ll keep trying, it’s a work in progress.

I’d love to hear your tips if you have children who share a room, and at what age it started working for you!