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I’m trying to make dinner.
Eggplant Parm, just like my Gram makes. I know it’s a lofty endeavour, especially right before the girls dinner time, but eggplant was on sale, and we haven’t had it in a while.
But, Addison is teething. It’s been going on for months, every time I think a tooth will finally pop up, she goes back to her cheery, silly self, until the next time, when angry, drooly baby who only wants to be held, returns.
So, in the split second I decide to go for it and make the eggplant, she and her sister Brianna are happy and playing independently.

As soon as I have the first batch in the hot oil, and my hands are covered in flour and raw eggs, Addison is screaming, won’t keep her pacifier in her mouth, isn’t interested in any toys and doesn’t think her big sister is funny. (despite my desperate attempts to beg Brianna to pretty much do anything to make her laugh )

Then, Brianna, who has been doing really well potty training, had an off day.
She peed her pants three times this afternoon, despite me taking her every half hour, and the last time happened while I was cooking of course.
First time, I don’t say a word, accidents happen.
Second time, “ok, sweetie, let’s just try and catch it sooner next time”.
Third time, I’m no fool, time for a pull-up.

So, while I’m trying to fry up the next batch, I’m running back and forth from the dining room, feeding Addison her dinner, because at least she’s happy when she’s eating. In between every kitchen run, I’m filling up her high chair with Puffs so she can be constantly eating.

Brianna is also hungry.
Usually I give her a choice of two things, then she picks. Today, I suggested turkey or soup.
She said “I’d like pancakes with ketchup.”
I know, what she means is syrup, so I get a chuckle in and say, we don’t have pancakes, but I’ll give you a waffle and syrup.
On my way in to feed her, she says “I want my spider plate”, “Sorry, sweetie, it’s dirty.” Fortunately, that doesn’t cause a tantrum, and I finish cooking the eggplant.
I can honestly say, I don’t really enjoy cooking. BUT, last weekend, I did cook chicken soup while my husband was home, and I did enjoy it. Then, I realized, I DO enjoy cooking when I can focus on the cooking rather than trying to “put out fires” everywhere! And, I shoud’ve known the timing wasn’t right, I’m supposed to be a pro by now with two, right?! HAA! Yah right! Every time you think “I got this”, “I can do this”, they go through another phase and change and keep you guessing! And you know what, It’s ok, and HONESTLY, while I’m here drinking my very full glass of Cab, I STILL can’t wait to do it again tomorrow! AND, the eggplant was good, not as good as Gram’s, but good!