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I almost stopped in my tracks playing with the girls.
Brianna picked up “heavy baby” (yes that’s what she named her for obvious reasons) and while giving her a bath she started singing to her. Not a song anyone BUT us knows. I hear, “look up, look up wherever you are, look up at the moon, look up at the sun, look up at the stars.” That’s a song I MADE UP (it’s ridiculous I know) to help her in the bath. She hates getting shampoo in her eyes and the idea of closing them doesn’t seem to appeal to her either. Then, she moved on to this cute little monkey that just rolls around. She picked up and said “you’re not listening to me, eat your lunch.” Ok, still cute, but not as funny, since yes, that’s what mom says too.
Then, while I was making her lunch, I told Brianna it was time for lunch, and she said, “No, you don’t tell ME NO!”. It took everything I had NOT to laugh, because you hear yourself and think, wow, I kind of sound ridiculous, but hey, I guess you WERE listening?
We’re also at the stage where she’s learning bad words. “Shut up” being the big one. So, she heard it somewhere, (I can’t imagine where!) and we explained to her that it’s a bad word, and it’s not nice. Do you know there’s not ONE time that it slips out of my mouth before she says, “mama, you can’t say that, it’s a bad word.”
She’s so smart it’s unbelievable.
She loves to read, or be read to. Always has. She can hear a book a few times, and then will sit with it on the couch and read it aloud, getting most of the key words and the plot right. At this point, I know it’s from memory, but STILL, she’s two!
She notices everything, she hears everything, she doesn’t miss a beat.
I just am so proud of my little girl with a lot of sass who’s growing up so fast!
I know I just need to be careful about what comes out of my mouth, because I know I will instantly hear it come out of hers!