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A mutual friend of my husband and I is getting married in a couple weeks.
He is one of the “nice guys” and has found a beautiful and funny woman to compliment him. I really like her and have nothing but the best wishes for them.
I’m excited for the wedding, and maybe even a little for getting away alone with my husband, but because it’s out of state, mostly, I’m nervous, anxious and dreading it a little.
I don’t want to leave my girls.
I’m with them everyday, all day, and although somedays it’s overwhelming, the idea of leaving them for not one, but two nights, is awful for me.
My mother in law will be taking care of them, and everyone calls her the baby whisperer, and for good reason. She is an amazing mother and “Ga Ga” as her grandchildren call her. She just has a very calming presence and is so thoughtful and patient, silly and fun. Who wouldn’t want to play with her?
So, my reservations have NOTHING to do with her, but rather myself.
I want to be the one there when they wake up, to play with and to feed them.
I know how fortunate I am to be able to do that with them everyday, and I guess it’s just made me a little greedy! (I am their mom though isn’t that how I’m supposed to feel?!)
It’s not like I don’t enjoy an outing on my own, and look forward to it for that matter, but this will be the first time I’m leaving Addison for a night, and I’ve only spent a few away from Brianna, and never two in a row!
Another reason for my concern is the social anxiety I was talking about in a previous post. Addison just isn’t herself with other people yet. I will continue to take her on outings with me as often as possible and bring her to visit my family and friends, etc.
And of course, I’m sure I’m not unique in worrying that I won’t be there if the girls need me, for whatever reason!
I just have to trust that things will be ok, or maybe go for one night? We’ll see!
Perhaps some Facetime will help too!
I’d love some words of wisdom, what worked for you?