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Brianna is potty training.
We bought the Princess Potty back in April after a check up at the doctors office. He suggested just getting one, since at that point Brianna was telling us when she was going #2 in her diaper. We let her pick out which one she wanted at the store, and I was surprised when we got home and she peed on the potty, not once, but twice that first day. We explained the reward system based on a suggestion from my sister Amy, who has already been down this road twice successfully. She, also being a registered nurse, said, in all seriousness, jellybeans work!!
Just like any new toy, the excitement soon wore off, and she wasn’t interested for a while. So, we didn’t push it. I was 6 months pregnant at the time with Addison, and the doctor suggested just letting her go at her pace, to see if she was interested. I brought up my concerns about the timing, since we would soon welcome a newborn. Having had Brianna, I vaguely remembered what my sleep deprived days would consist of, breastfeeding, eating, showering whenever possible and this time around, taking care of a toddler, so the idea of adding something extra to that, really didn’t appeal to me. But, hey, if she was ready, SUPER! we’d LOVE to save money on diapers!

Fast forward to now, the process is progressing. Slow and steady wins the race, right?
I can’t remember the last time Brianna had a poopy diaper, it’s been months. And we now have been using pull ups .
And this past weekend, Brianna spent the day in her new big girl panties! We set the alarm for every half hour and basically made her try to go, and she did great! We explained these weren’t like the pull ups, and every time she had to pee, she had to do it in the potty, or she would get wet.
We still used pull ups of course for nap time, since we knew she wasn’t ready for that.
Her dad and I couldn’t be more proud. And Brianna is so proud of herself.