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It happened for the first time on Thanksgiving.
Addison, who was about 4 months old at the time, FREAKED OUT at my aunt and uncle’s house for the holiday.

We walked in, and, having never seen this before with her, I noticed she was a little nervous, but thought nothing of it.
I tried to hand her off to a relative to take my jacket off, and it spun out of control from there. (my husband was working and joining us later so it was just me and Brianna at the time)
Addison just SCREAMED, at the top of her lungs.
Having gotten to know all of her cries by then, I had only heard that one during vaccinations. (but those were always short lived thanks to nursing and a pacifier)
This screaming would subside for a few minutes and then just as soon as someone else would just look at her, she started all over again.
Ok, I’m thinking, this will be fun.

My mom’s side of the family is very chatty, we talk A LOT, there are always several conversations going on and often times we interupt each other. Although I really enjoy these kinds of social situations, I sometimes forget not everyone is used to it! (I’m pretty sure the first few holidays my husband spent with us, he probably felt the same way as Addison!)

Addison is 7 months now, and I will say, it’s gotten marginally better. Perhaps because I know how to pull her out of the situation before it gets that bad, or maybe because I’m just used to it. My pediatrician tells me it’s just a phase. In fact, I remember Brianna going through something similiar, but it didn’t last this long. I not only have to respect their differences, I also have to remember Brianna was in daycare by this time, but now I’m home with the girls.
To try and counteract some of this, I’ve tried to step up our outings. We now go to childrens storytime at the library every week. It’s meant for Brianna, but it’s good socialization for Addison as well. We have also started going to the Bright Spot in Vernon. They offer a class for babies and an open play for Brianna. Addison does great in these situations where no one specifically pays attention to her and she is surrounded by kids.
Baby steps!
I know Addison will fall in love with my family, because they’re the best! We all just have to give her a little space and it’ll happen on HER time.