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Full disclosure, I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day.
But that’s not to say, I don’t LOVE love.
There’s nothing like seeing a couple, especially an older couple, holding hands or sneaking a kiss in public, I think it’s adorable. I also like the glow people get when they’re so gitty when they first meet someone and it’s going really well. I, myself, remember those first few butterflies of falling in love, it’s awesome.

But honestly, NOTHING for me, compares to the love I have for my daughters. (my husband knows he is my rock and I would be lost without him). However, I’m talking about everything from the moment I found out I was going to be a mom, to the first kick and then seeing their face for the first time, it was unlike love I’d ever known. There’s really no words for it. Infatuation, unconditional love, obsession, I’m not sure, but whatever it is, I fell HARD immediately. And I’m amazed at how the love grows everyday.

I remember thinking when I was found out I was pregnant with my second daughter and voicing concerns to my husband, about how excited/nervous I was, because I honestly couldn’t imagine loving another baby just as much as I loved Brianna. I bonded with her when I was pregnant, just like Brianna. When Addison was born, I looked at her, and it happened all over again. I think your heart just grows, it makes room for more love or something. But I can say, once again, it was instantaneous. Just this overwhelming love pouring through you, and at that moment you know you would do anything for them and love them forever.

When I was little, my mom always made Valentine’s Day really special. Not just with the candy or cards, she just always went out of her way to show us how much we are loved. This year, she sent my daughters adorable gifts in the mail, that were really thoughtful.
I’d like to carry that tradition on for my girls. We don’t have any extra money in the budget right now, but it was important for us to try and do something special. So, I got Brianna her favorite Dunkin’ Donuts sprinkled donut this morning, and told her Happy Valentine’s Day, because that’s something she enjoys, just something little, so she knows how much mommy and daddy love her! (Addison will have to settle for an extra hug at this age!) We also made Valentine’s for daddy at home, with markers, and cut out hearts.

So, this Valentine’s Day, I’m vowing to try and do something special for my girls EVERY day, NOT a donut, but maybe just by always being present when we’re playing and learning about their individual interests. Quality time. I’m not always going to have hours to play, but making sure the time we do have, we’re painting, reading, coloring, playing in the snow or whatever they’re into at that moment!

What are your Valentine’s Day traditions?