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I vaguely remember the days when I would make my lunch, sit down and eat it. Although it wasn’t more than a few years ago, it seems like another lifetime sometimes. Again, not complaining, because it comes with the territory of being a good mom, I’m just venting!

Do your kids know every single time you’re about to sit down and take a bite of something? Do moms set off some kind of pheromone or something that their kids can smell? It’s like clockwork for me and generally always when I’m on the verge of losing it because my blood sugar has dropped to angry levels.

I always feed the girls first. I try to feed them both at once, but it just depends on the day whether that actually happens. Family or friends have said to me, “wow, you look great, you’ve lost all your baby weight”, I try and tell them thank you before saying, “that’s what happens when you don’t get to finish a meal.” I never understood before I was a mom why so many of the ones I knew were so skinny, and I, who went to the gym all the time, was certainly not thin!

Anyway, as soon as the girls are fed, and I finally get an opportunity to take that first bite, do your kids say: “Can I have some?” This, despite the fact, that not even 2 minutes before that, I have, of course, asked if they’d like a bowl of their own (I like to call this second dinner). Now, I’m not going to lie, depending on the day, I’ve either cried, laughed, or grunted loudly out of frustration. But hey, at least she asked politely so you must be doing something right?!

Sometimes you just want to finish your plate, you know, like YOUR parents made you do when you were little! At any rate, that’s what date night is for, right?