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A little background:
For the first few months, Addison spit up, A LOT. In fact, when I fed her, even in the middle of the night, my husband or I would have to hold her for a good half hour before laying her down or putting her upright in a chair so we could get some sleep. Our pediatrician said it’s normal, some babies just spit up, and because she didn’t seem bothered by it, she’s fine. (My mother, however, told me it was payback because that’s exactly how I was!) I can’t complain though, because it’s much less frequent now.. or so I thought.

So this week after my “little crank-butt” (as I sometimes call her) woke up, she spit up all over herself, the toy she was playing with and her pacifier. Ok fine, but in the 1 minute it took me to take her to the bathroom to wipe her mouth off, the dog took the opportunity to make it his next meal. EWWWW! Seriously, you would think we starve him or something? That looked GOOD to you??!! Anyway, while changing Addison into a new outfit, what happens in the split second I’m reaching for the diaper, oh yeah, she pees all over the place.
This is NOT a major problem I know, just amusement for you I hope.
THEN, when Brianna woke up from her nap, she calls for me, and I go in there and she looks at me and says, “I wasn’t eating fuzzies.” (from her blanket) (I soon realize we’re playing the opposite game and she doesn’t know she outed herself!) Then, she adds, “I wasn’t eating my boogies” and “I wasn’t biting my nails.”. Let’s see, so in the few minutes it took me to get up the stairs you did all the things we’ve asked you not to do? “Yes”, she happily says with a smile on her face!

Kids will be kids and sometimes what they do is gross, but it’s also a lesson to laugh a little more at myself and with my kids, because life is pretty funny sometimes!