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I am the oldest of 4, and am blessed to have 2 sisters and a brother. Although of course I love all my siblings equally, there really is nothing like a sister. Mine, are my best friends. And so, when I found out  I was pregnant, especially the second time, many people asked , “oh, are you hoping for a boy this time?” My answer was, as long as the baby is healthy, I really don’t care. That was the single, most important thought I had on the gender, HOWEVER, I had hoped, my oldest, Brianna, would gain a little sister.  It’s only because I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up with sisters who I’ve shared secrets and stories with and who have seen me at my best and worst, and love me anyway.

My daughters are 22 months apart. My husband and I wanted to have our children close together for several reasons, and, although I’m overwhelmed at times, I am SO glad. When we started preparing Brianna for the fact that she was going to be a big sister, at a little more than one years old, she barely understood. But as my due date was approaching, we kept explaining little things about how she would be the big sister, sharing, etc. My husband and I knew there’s only so much she’d understand until the baby actually “came out of mommy’s belly”, we would just hope for the best.

I can honestly say, now that Brianna is 2 ½ and Addison is nearly 7 months, watching the two of them together makes my heart melt. Brianna is such a great helper. It first started with help grabbing the pacifier when my hands were full or when I was burping Addison.  Now she knows the drill.  Brianna not only will help, she wants to. She’ll get the pacifier then put it in her mouth! She’ll also give her unsolicited hugs and kisses and sing her their favorite song, “Wheels on the Bus” anytime Addison is upset if I’m tied up doing something. Then there’s the sharing. I knew it was coming, so we read a great book, “Llama, Llama time to Share” by Anna Dewdney. I think it actually worked, because every time Addison grabs a toy away from Brianna, and Brianna says “no, no Addison”, and I explain that she’s too little to know any better and we have to teach her to share, it works, and Brianna lets her sister have it! (I know I’ll have to referee plenty of these battles when Addison is older!) I also just melt when Addison sees Brianna jumping around or laughing or playing, and her face just lights up and smiles because she looks up to her and loves her so much already!

At any rate, I’m really looking forward to seeing how their little personalities develop and how their bond grows. All a mom can hope for is that they hug each other more than they fight with each other, right?

Sister stories? I’d love to hear them!