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When Addison was born, my goal was to breastfeed for 6 months, as long as she and I were comfortable and content, that was my hope. I only breastfeed Brianna for 3 and a half months because I knew I was returning to work full time and although I know my job legally had to provide time for me to do it, I didn’t feel like I would have the time, so I weaned her and was completely done by 4 months. I was upset about it, and felt guilty and would have continued to do it longer, had I been home.

So, now that Addison is nearly 7 months, I felt like it was time. Not for one particular reason, but for many.  (I know it’s a VERY personal decision to breastfeed at all, for how long, and whether you’re going to supplement with formula, etc.  For the record, I fully support whatever choice a woman makes, because as a mother, you know what’s best for you and your child.)

At any rate, so Addison started solids at 4 months and LOVES food. I call her my little pork chop.  (before you think I’m going to give her a complex when she’s older, I’m well aware that girls are sensitive to nicknames, especially related to their weight, and I feel very strongly that I will do my best to raise my girls with a healthy self esteem and who realize people come in all different shapes and sizes and should be celebrated!)  I’m off subject again! 

So, Addison eats 3 meals a day and has been taking a bottle with breast milk since 2 weeks old, and has had one formula bottle before bed for a couple months now to help her sleep. I think I’m ready.  Even though I went through this before, it was at a much earlier stage with Brianna and she wasn’t eating meals yet. So, when I recently reached my 6 month goal, I was surprised I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel like I had reached the finish line. I think it was just important for me to not look at it like at 6 months I had to stop, but if I was ready, fine.

 So I won’t say that I haven’t shed a few tears in the last couple of weeks about it, worrying about whether my baby girl will get all the nutrients she needs, or honestly, whether she’ll “need me anymore” since anyone will be able to give her a bottle, I think for me at this point, it’s more about me letting go, just a little and realizing she’ll be fine. (as my husband constantly reminds me because I need that!) And hey, I’m not going to lie, I am looking forward to a few pluses: including not looking at the clock when I want a glass of wine, eating spicy foods, salads and ice cream again (Addison was picky about my diet and spit up A LOT if I ate the wrong food) and just plain having my body back, or at least my post baby body back, which is another post in itself!

Please feel free to share your breast feeding, formula feeding, weaning stories. I want to feel like my readers are a community sharing what works best for them and hopefully along the way, we can all learn something from each other!